Flower Essences

Flowers are the crowning experience of a plant's growth holding the highest concentration of the plant's life-force, to become seeds which bring forth new life.

When a plant is in flower, the bloom expresses the spiritual qualities of the plant, its inner nature, its 'essence'.

We also bloom when our inner nature, our true beauty, shines through.

In using Flower Essences we are watering the seeds of potential that lie within each one of us.

Our Sacred Space Essentials Flower Essences are prepared in Dr Bach's time-honoured method.  They are available in 25ml dosage form (ready to use) and 10ml Stock (Concentrate), more commonly used by practitioners and those who prepare their own formulas.

To create your own Custom Blend, choose up to six individual flower remedies that you feel address the underlying causes of the imbalance, not just its 'symptoms'. 

If you feel a Personal Consultation would best suit you, we are available for online and phone consultations.

Sacred Space Essentials Flower Essences

Aloe Flower RemedyAloe Flower RemedyHas a cooling effect on hot, fiery tempers, and beneficial for hot flushes.
Aztec Lily Flower RemedyAztec Lily Flower RemedyStep out confidently in a new direction and claim personal power.
Basil Flower RemedyBasil Flower RemedyHarmonises emotional, sexual and spiritual energies for those with sexual imbalances.
Black Kangaroo Paw Flower RemedyBlack Kangaroo Paw Flower RemedyBrings light to dark thoughts and feelings towards others that can lead to obsession.
Borage Flower RemedyBorage Flower RemedyRestores courage and optimism in times of adversity.
Bougainvillea Flower RemedyBougainvillea Flower RemedyRestores a sense of safety and protection when someone close has been abusive.
Calendula Flower RemedyCalendula Flower RemedyFosters warmth, kindness and sensitivity in communication.
California Poppy Flower RemedyCalifornia Poppy Flower RemedySeek guidance within, drink from your own cup of wisdom.
Cayenne Flower RemedyCayenne Flower RemedyBrings the spark back into life.
Chamomile Flower RemedyChamomile Flower RemedyRestores a sunny disposition for those easily irritated.
Chickweed Flower RemedyChickweed Flower RemedyResolve emotional issues from past relationship and life choices.
Cinnamon Myrtle Flower RemedyCinnamon Myrtle Flower RemedyTransformation and rebirth to find your life's purpose.
Comfrey Flower RemedyComfrey Flower RemedyBridges levels of awareness, linking the conscious and unconscious mind.
Corn Flower RemedyCorn Flower RemedyGrounds and connects one to the Earth's energies.
Crowea Flower RemedyCrowea Flower RemedyRestores peace of mind and calmness.
Dandelion Flower RemedyDandelion Flower RemedyEncourages 'being' rather than 'doing'.
Dill Flower RemedyDill Flower RemedyCreates a sensory buffer zone for those sensitive to loud and sudden noises.
Echinacea Flower RemedyEchinacea Flower RemedyRestores a sense of wholeness after shattering experiences.
Elder Flower RemedyElder Flower RemedyAssists the elderly in ageing gracefully.
Evening Primrose Flower RemedyEvening Primrose Flower RemedyHelps to heal lack of emotional support early in life, particularly from mother.
Feverfew Flower RemedyFeverfew Flower RemedyAssists in balancing cyclic tension usually related to hormonal changes.
Gardenia Flower RemedyGardenia Flower RemedyFosters loving connections, particularly with spouse.
Greater Celandine Flower RemedyGreater Celandine Flower RemedyEnhances all forms of communication, bringing insight and higher vision.
Heartsease Flower RemedyHeartsease Flower RemedyAssists in easing matters of the heart, particularly betrayal.
Helichrysum Flower RemedyHelichrysum Flower RemedyRestores energy for life and for living.
Hyssop Flower RemedyHyssop Flower RemedyWhere there is guilt, brings forgiveness of self and others.
Indian Tobacco Flower RemedyIndian Tobacco Flower RemedyFor breaking karmic ties and energetic connections.
Iris Flower RemedyIris Flower RemedyCreativity and inspiration.
Jasmine Flower RemedyJasmine Flower RemedyEnhances mental clarity when life seems congested.
Kangaroo Paw Flower RemedyKangaroo Paw Flower RemedyFosters sensitive communication with comfort and ease.
Lavender Flower RemedyLavender Flower RemedyCalms inner tension, balances emotional instability.
Lemon Flower RemedyLemon Flower RemedyLightens and brightens one's mood and outlook.
Lilac Flower RemedyLilac Flower RemedyAssists with physical and emotional flexibility.
Lion's Tail Flower RemedyLion's Tail Flower RemedyOvercome resistance to pain and painful situations.
Marigold Flower RemedyMarigold Flower RemedyEnhances conceptual thinking for those who are logical and practical.
Marjoram Flower RemedyMarjoram Flower RemedyBrings comfort and confidence after loss of long-term spouse.
Mint Flower RemedyMint Flower RemedyPromotes clear thinking and mental vitality.
Mugwort Flower RemedyMugwort Flower RemedyBalances disturbing and over-active dreaming.
Nashi Flower RemedyNashi Flower RemedyCalm and unflustered through crisis.
Nasturtium Flower RemedyNasturtium Flower RemedyBrings colour back into life.
Parsley Flower RemedyParsley Flower RemedyOpens the mind to new ways of thinking.
Passionflower Flower RemedyPassionflower Flower RemedySpiritually nourishing, renews passion for life.
Penstemon Flower RemedyPenstemon Flower RemedyHelps 'victims' perceive life's experiences as opportunities for growth.
Red Rose Flower RemedyRed Rose Flower RemedyLoving yourself, feeling nourished, safe and whole.
Rose Myrtle Flower RemedyRose Myrtle Flower RemedyLove, softness and compassion.
Sage Flower RemedySage Flower RemedyWisdom and insight from the inner 'sage'.
Self-Heal Flower RemedySelf-Heal Flower RemedySelf-healing and wellness.
Skullcap Flower RemedySkullcap Flower RemedyRelaxation in overcoming addictive behaviours.
Slender Rice Flower Flower RemedySlender Rice Flower Flower RemedyWillingness to co-operate with others without judgement or prejudice.
Snapdragon Flower RemedySnapdragon Flower RemedyBeneficial for jaw tension and communicating without 'snapping'.
Strawberry Flower RemedyStrawberry Flower RemedyBalances masculine/feminine energies bringing 'grit' to deal with life's challenges.
Sunflower Flower RemedySunflower Flower RemedyHelps those with father issues, particularly males.
Sweet Pea Flower RemedySweet Pea Flower RemedyFosters a sense of 'belonging'.
Tansy Flower RemedyTansy Flower RemedyTurn self-sabotage into focused action.
Thyme Flower RemedyThyme Flower RemedyBalances energies around time, time-lines, and the pressure of meeting deadlines.
Ti Plant Flower RemedyTi Plant Flower RemedySpiritual and psychic protection.
Water Lily Flower RemedyWater Lily Flower RemedyReawakens divine feminine energy and appreciation of the female body. 
Wisteria Flower RemedyWisteria Flower RemedyFemale sexual healing.
Yarrow Flower RemedyYarrow Flower RemedyAura protection from environmental stresses.
Zinnia Flower RemedyZinnia Flower RemedySpontaneous playfulness, fun and joy.