Making a Flower Essence (Sun Method)

Making a Flower Essence is much more than following a procedure. It's a time of truly connecting with the plant's spirit and its healing energy.  Be prepared to spend the whole day in a space of sacred union with the plant.  Not only is it a sign of respect and gratitude, it is also amplifying the frequency at which the essence resonates, as the more energy you put into your essence, the more it will give to you.

Our Flower Essences are made in a sacred and reverential manner, with thanks given to the plant for allowing us to access its healing energy.  Most of our essences are made from our organic gardens where they are lovingly grown and cared for.  Other essences are made from plants growing in their natural habitat, away from pollutants and the discordant energies of power lines and other interferences.

Most essence makers find that the plant chooses them.  I find that when a plant is ready, the flowers 'talk' to me and ask to be included in the essence.  The plant is usually at the peak of its flowering season when it's time for the essence to be made.  Spend time getting to know the plant, extend yourself beyond your own personal space and feel its energy.  How do you feel in its presence?  What do you notice about this plant that makes it unique?  Take note of everything you sense and observe as this will give you vital information about the qualities of the essence.


  • a clean crystal bowl
  • purified water
  • amber glass bottle
  • funnel
  • brandy

Before making an essence, prepare yourself.  Be aware that you are about to receive a sacred gift from nature.  This is the starting point of the essence-making process.  The more centered and focused you are, the clearer and more potent your essence will be.  Early in the morning, around dawn, go and sit quietly with the plant.  It is important to not disturb the plant's energies in any way.  You will sense the right moment to begin making your essence.

Pour a small amount of purified water into your crystal bowl.  This will depend on the size of the bowl, and the size of the flowers being used.  It need not be a large amount, as we are about to make a Mother tincture which is further diluted to make a Stock bottle, and diluted yet again to make up a Dosage bottle.

Using leaves from another plant of the same species, carefully pick the most vibrant and healthy blooms, placing them in the water until the surface is covered with flowers.  Place the bowl in the sun, on the earth beside the plant, for 2 - 4 hours or until the flowers start to droop. The time will vary, depending on the amount of sunshine and the intensity of the sun.

Gently flick the flowers out of the bowl with the leaf or twig, returning them to the earth at the base of the plant, giving thanks to each flower for its contribution to your essence.  The water left in the bowl is then poured into the amber bottle, and an equal amount of brandy is added, as a preservative.  This is your Mother tincture.  Shake the bottle to activate and 'awaken' the essence.  You will notice that it gets slightly heavier.  Clearly label the bottle with the name of the plant and the date the essence was made.

To make a Stock bottle, fill a 25ml (1 oz) amber bottle with equal amounts of purified water and brandy.  Add 4 drops of the Mother tincture to this base, and shake well again.  To make a Dosage bottle, fill a 25ml amber bottle with 75% purified water and 25% brandy, and add 4 drops from your Stock bottle.  Shake well.  The standard dose is 10 drops under the tongue, 3 times daily.  If 'more' is needed, take the remedy more often rather than taking a larger dose.  Being a vibrational remedy, frequency is important, not quantity.