Face and Body Sprays

Sacred Space Essentials' Face and Body sprays are a convenient way to envelop yourself in the vibration of your chosen Flower Remedy blend. They are also completely safe for internal use and can be added to drinking water. Being unscented, they support you in how you would like to feel in a gentle non-invasive way - so indicative of the nature of Flower Remedies!

To use, hold arms length away from face, eyes closed, spraying down on the head and face, and wherever else desired. The ambiance of the properties of the Flower Essences in the blend can be felt enfolding your aura and sacred space. For optimum results, take internally also, by spraying under the tongue.

All Sacred Space Face and Body Sprays are available in 100ml, and a handy 25ml travel size.

Sacred Space Sprays

Cleanse Flower Remedy SprayCleanse Flower Remedy SprayClears unwanted energies to restore a sense of freshness.
Confidence Flower Remedy SprayConfidence Flower Remedy SprayBrings self-confidence in times of self-doubt and uncertainty.
Custom Blend Flower Remedy SprayCustom Blend Flower Remedy SprayCreate your own formula for yourself or your pet.
Heart Ease Flower Remedy SprayHeart Ease Flower Remedy SprayLightens the heart in times of grief and sadness.
Hormone Harmony Flower Remedy SprayHormone Harmony Flower Remedy SprayAssists in balancing hormones, alleviating the symptoms of PMS and menopause.
Joy Flower Remedy SprayJoy Flower Remedy SprayLightens and brightens one's mood and outlook.
Strength Flower Remedy SprayStrength Flower Remedy SprayRestores inner strength, resilience and an ability to cope through life's difficulties.
Sweet Dreams Flower Remedy SpraySweet Dreams Flower Remedy SprayPromotes a restful, good night's sleep.
Tranquillity for People Rescue Remedy SprayTranquillity for People Rescue Remedy SprayBrings calmness in time of stress, anxiety, trauma, emotional upset, worry; assists with sleep, cramps and pain.
Trauma Recovery Flower Remedy SprayTrauma Recovery Flower Remedy SprayHelps clear shock and ease the symptoms of trauma.
Vitality Flower Remedy SprayVitality Flower Remedy SprayRefreshing and helps to maintain consistent energy levels.