Vitality Flower Remedy Spray

Vitality Flower Remedy Spray

Vitality Flower Remedy Spray
100ml Vitality Flower Remedy Spray
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The remedies in our Vitality Flower Remedy Spray lift mental fog and help keep one's energy levels consistent.

Flower remedies do not stimulate, but restore a sense of balance.  By clearing the energy field of excess energies, a sense of clarity is restored. 

This formula does help with maintaining physical staying power, used regularly through days when one needs to keep going.  However, if you were to need rest or sleep more, the remedy would not 'give you energy'.

It's great for a little 'pick-me-up', and handy on long road trips for driver fatigue.

Spray under tongue; spray face, back of neck, and wherever you intuitively feel.  It's also great sprayed on the soles of the feet.  Can also be added to drinking water.

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