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We welcome your feedback and experience with Sacred Space Essentials' Flower Remedies for your animal friends. 

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General Feedback 

I received my order just on Wednesday and already I can see a happier puppy and a calmer hubby,,,,,Awesome products with amazing results ♥

Hi Linda,
Just a note to let you know our order arrived yesterday.  Thankyou for putting it together for us!  H is always happy to take drops as she has taken rescue remedy and such from a young age.  
I really enjoyed our chat over the phone last week and your perspective.  I find myself effortlessly recommending you often as your remedies are so effective and your manner so kind.

Our cat's leg was amputated because of a large animal bite. The Tranquility Spray for pets including another special ingredient to help with his recovery was added and it was the best product I've purchased this year. It calmed not only the cat but our family as well by spraying it over his coat, in his drinking water, his bedding and even over ourselves too. helpful for the spirit and heart of our family. Thank you.

Tranquillity for Pets

This product has worked miracle on my little puppy!
I have used the tranquility spray on my dog today and she is very relaxed even despite that there is a storm around at the moment which would normally distress her. immediately...fantastic product...

Abuse Recovery

Hey our lovely abused horse T is definately responding to his medicine. He is calm and loving at the moment.

De-Stress for Pets

my puppy has settled in a very short time. Thank you very much.

Home Alone

Just my 2 cents worth,, a very sceptical me decided to try one of sacredspace remedies for my dog. (8 month old Border Collie).
To my suprise it really worked, it took about 3-4 days to really notice the change, but there is a marked difference in her behaviour and she is a lot less "nervous" than before,
I would say it is well worth giving it a try. 
It actually works! Thank you!!!!
First of all, I would like to say thank you for your remedies. My dog was always too excited every time we got home from work, not being able to control herself. After little time taking home alone she improved a lot. On top of that, she loves the drops...every time she sees the little bottle she does all the tricks she knows to get her "treat"!

New Home

I purchased a blend to help my daughter’s dog settle in, it was a miracle cure.
much needed by cat and has made a difference.

Show Time

i was pleased with the showtime i got for my little showdog last week, she went in the ring rather cocky for the first time ever, so thanks for that
Your product is wonderful, it has been a great help to one of my show dogs.

Sound Sensitive

B has been wonderful he is off the clomicalm completely now and we have been using your remedy which seems to be working a treat (thank you)
B seems very content on his remedy... thank you :)
I wanted to let you know that P's remedy arrived safely and we had an electrical storm last week so used it very successfully to help him cope plus was a great help also for our old red cattle dog who becomes absolutely terrified in stormy weather. So on the whole it was a huge benifit to both of them, amazing!


Excellent - noticed immediate improvement.
Dog loves it. more importantly went on a trip with no vomit. Thankyou