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General Feedback

life changing products.
extremely happy with price, & service provided, your remedies are heaven sent
these remedies (and their creator Linda Bizon) have literally saved me. I'm packing remedies to take with me for the oh-so-stressed xmas "break away from home" (couldn't see myself getting thru without them) 
products work like magic
eart emoticon 
I love your products and they have made an amazing impact.

I received my order just on Wednesday and already I can see a happier puppy and a calmer hubby.... Awesome products with amazing results. 

Thanks for your amazing customised blend! It arrived yesterday & even from the first time I had some I could instantly feel a sense of calmness and peace enter where I needed it most. Also I've been using your Tranquility Spray for the past few weeks and I must say, it too always creates this beautiful atmosphere of calmness in the world. Thank you.
Dear Linda,
Just a quick note to let you know that, since using your drops, my mum has had no more nightmares! Both the Vitality and Tranquility sprays are excellent too. The other day Mum and Dad had a doctor's appointment for a checkup and were on the verge of cancelling as they both felt too dreadful to go. So I sprayed them with the Vitality a couple of times and, they not only made their appointment but then went shopping! They both commented that "this stuff really works!" So thank you so much. We will definitely be reordering in the near future. 

I have been liberally spraying my Tranquility spray and using Strength dosage daily and I feel a strong and positive shift in my mood so much so that I am wondering what's happened! Coping better, more positive approach to stress at work, resulting in a happier me and a happier workplace all around. Someone commented today on my positive mood. Gosh it's been a while! Thank you Linda - and I start the day with Relief Oil behind my knees and calves and on my feet at bedtime, it is sooo good for my achy legs. I cannot recommend Sacred Space Essentials Remedies more highly.
Tranquillity for People

Tranquility is a perfect name for this product. 5 Star Review

Tranquility is incredible and the name is perfect! I love it! I spray it on my linens before bed and also spray it around me to calm and relieve stress, The scent is light and peaceful. One purchase and I am hooked. Tranquility is a must have.

Thanks again for the great service you provide, I love your remedies - I'm even taking my Tranquillity spray to my new workplace, which seems to be populated with chaotic and hectic people and practices!  Sometimes I spray everyone, and sometimes I just spray myself, believing that if I can be a small, isolated oasis of calm at my desk at least I will live the day without being sucked into the vortex of madness!! Have a beautiful weekend, and really, really thanks again. 

This works brilliantly! Highly recommended essence

Dearest Linda-Ouchie Waah I got bitten by a bull ant, hopped around in pain then had a Aha moment! I sprayed Sacred Space Essentials Tranquility Blend all over my toe and under my tongue. The relief was almost instant, it really took the edge off it! Just another reason to love my spray aaah!

Refreshing and calming 5 Star Review

This blend provides an instant sense of calm and is quite revitalising as well. A beautiful scent but not too overpowering, love it!


no more cramps!!! 4 Star Review

I mainly got this product as I was getting severe cramps in my legs of an evening. I still get them but on a scale of two out of ten rather than ten out of ten. I sleep better calmer during the day and will be definitely using this ongoing once my little one is born. My husband loves his restful nights sleep too without me waking up constantly

Cleanse immediately...fantastic product...


I just passed my driving test, and I believe this product really helped to calm my nerves and breeze through it! Thanks heaps! immediately...fantastic product... 

Great Mix. Helps my hyperactive son. 
This essence works immediately! Very impressed with results :) Thanks again  

Heart Ease

I ran out of the mixture last time and after two days it was quite noticeable on my mood and thoughts, so I am experiencing great success with this blend.

Hormone Harmony

what a relief something that works, absolutely delighted, will buy again
great item thanks I have been using it and it really does work
THANKS Great for PMS - No one likes to be around some one with PMS!!!

Hormone Harmony Face and Body Spray

Great for Hot Flushes! 5 Star Review

I have used the Hormone Harmony drops for ages for my menopausal symptoms and also find them fantastic for my teenage daughter's PMS emotions. I recently bought the Spray version which is fantastic for relieving hot flushes - so convenient to spray on my face and body during a hot flush as often as needed. I keep my spray in the bedroom so I remember to spritz before getting dressed and before going to bed to hopefully reduce those flushes!


Hi, have just purchased the above item. I bought some the week
before last and it is fabulous - I do suffer from depression and
take minimal meds for it, but in conjunction with the JOY drops
have had glimpse of lightness that I have not felt for a long time!
So thanks!!!! I would like all three bottles to be JOY, as I am
sharing the joy with friends!
I'm happy already. Thank you
have used the drops straight away and feel great!!

New Sibling

Children getting along 5 Star Review

Since ordering the drops my children are asking for their 'medicine'. They enjoy having their drops daily and I've noticed them being nicer to each other more often lately. Always a wonderful thing.

Parsley Flower Remedy

I found this remedy very surprising, crisp fresh creative thoughts.


Fabulous remedies! Works like a charm! I will continue to use it for my family!
WOW!! What a difference. My son who is an Aries and 11....had the Patience remedy .He was a changed calm and easy going. It was AMAZING. I took Patience and I felt what must be like to feel  *normal* and that was really terrific.
I am sure I still feel the effects from yesterday too. It is C's party today she is nine and the house is full of *girls* normally it would be very stressy, but I am sure after the Bach flower yesterday I am calm and fine..
Thanks Linda

Rescue Remedy

I think I am addicted to this stuff! It works wonders for me and I am usually highly stressed. I will have to try the BLISS one sometime!!  
I have just finished my rescue remedy and it has definitely helped to keep me calmer than I would have been with the current situation.
Calmed my soul 100%
I just wanted to tell you that the product really is fantastic. Having been an insomniac for the past 35 years, and having tried everything that there is to try known to medical science, this product worked the very first time I used it. This for me is a very big statement ( believe me ). Unless people have suffered from insomnia, it is difficult to try to explain the value of this product, especially after 30 odd years of sleeping for between, 2 hours to 5 hours per night if you are lucky, and by that I don't mean continuous hours.
I usually only take 8 drops before bed, directly under the tongue and as I have said, the results have been unbelievable. The product does not make me tired, which is another bonus, however I get very calm sleep when I go to bed.
As you are probably aware, people with insomnia have very active minds, and therein lies the problem. I would normally have many dreams and wake continuously during the night,however since taking Rescue Remedy, I am having prolonged sleep without my mind being active.
The amazing thing is, you actually feel a ( calm ) feeling after waking up each day, I say this sincerely !!!!!  .
Anyway, I cannot speak any more highly of this product, it really does work and I hope that anyone out there who has suffered from insomnia as I have for so many years, gets the chance to try it and see for themselves.


Amazing drops! 5 Star Review

I bought this for a friend who was run down after caring for her father with dementia. She had become dottery and mixed up herself. One dose of this and in half an hour she was walking strong and tall instead of like an old woman she'd become. Her voice was stronger. It was amazing! She's happier and stronger, and feels great. Thank you so much!

Sweet Dreams

this formula has changed my sleeping habits ingrained for more than 7 years! nothing short of miraculous!
he is getting a more deeper sleep instead of waking up to 5 times in any one night, the last 3 nites he has only woken once and has been getting to sleep quicker.  we can't thank you enough,
My little girl loves the Sweet Dreams. Not sure what you've got in there -or how it differs to essences in rescue remedy (I've always used Rescue Remedy to help her calm down to go to sleep) - but it's awesome. Within minutes - she's out like a light - whether she had been protesting or not.
unbelievable... I had forgotten just how freakin awesome sweet dreams is...A was asleep within minutes last night (usually she stalls for bed and gets up time after time after time for hours before finally falling asleep), P has been really unsettled and thrashes about all night lately, he was asleep in my arms within a minute of giving him sweet dreams, and well I had the best sleep ever too. Even hubby, he's been sleeping terribly lately - he slept like a rock.. THANKYOU for your magic potion x
best night sleep in a long time thanks
I’m really pleased to be able to say that I have been sleeping SO much better!  I’ve been able to halve the medication I’d been using to help me – even then I wouldn’t drop off until around 3am!
This stuff really puts me to sleep. Thank you very much.


This is good stuff will buy again
just want to let you know that today i decided to take the vitality - n lo and behold - i was up and doing the "learn tai chi" video (i'm usually very lazy when it comes to doing anything physical).
Vitality Face and Body Spray

This is the best "pick me up"! 5 Star Review

I love the impact of this spray! So busy at work the past 2 weeks and a few sleepless nights so I have been getting a bit flustered and wondering how I can ever get through it! but a quick spray of Vitality a few times a day this week and I have felt ready to engage again with focus and just get things done! That means I walk out of work feeling satisfied, and not with worrisome thoughts. It really works. Brilliant impact. Thank you!

The name Vitality says it all! 5 Star Review

Love this spray! I use it on my face and body whenever I need a lift. The scent is light and rejuvenating. The only problem I have is I'm now sharing this with my husband and son. We all enjoy the uplifting tingle that immediately improves the way you feel. This is especially good when you feel tired or stressed. It also works great on muscle aches and is amazing after a shower.

Essential Blends 3 x 15ml Gift Pack

change your life, try these products they really work. 


Bronze Sunflower