Frequently Asked Questions

What are Flower Essences?
Flower and gem essences are potentised homeopathic-type preparations that hold the imprint of the life-force of the flowers or gems, without retaining any of the physical matter used in the essence making process.

Are Flower Essences the same as Flower Remedies?
Yes. There is no difference between the two, and both are also recognised as Flower Therapy.

Are Flower Essences the same as Essential Oils?
No. Physically, the main differences are that Flower Essences are water and alcohol based, scent-free and taken internally, whereas Essential Oils are oil-based, fragrant and primarily used externally. Flower Therapy and Aromatherapy are not the same - a common misunderstanding.

Why are Flower Essences unscented?
Flower essences are completely unscented and unflavoured as they are made from the flowers' dew.  No part of the plant remains in the water in the final stage of making an essence. Before the process is complete, the flowers are removed from the water before alcohol is added as a preservative.

How do Vibrational Remedies work?
Water is known as the 'universal solvent', having the ability to absorb and change vibration. The sun infuses a memory of the vibrational pattern into the water so that each drop of water holds a holographic imprint of the original substance. In making an essence, we are able to assimilate the spiritual properties of the plant or gemstone, whether we use the essence internally or externally. The resonance of the essence affects our subtle energy bodies, such as our meridian system, lifting our vibrations and creating a more positive attitude within us.

What does an Essence do?
Essences restore balance and harmony to all living things. The flower is seen to hold the finer, spiritual vibrations of a plant's healing actions on the physical level. For example, Aloe used as a herb helps to cool and soothe hot, inflamed conditions. The flower essence of Aloe helps those who are fiery and hot-headed to 'keep their cool'.

Who can use Essences?
Essences are completely safe for the whole family to use, internally or externally. Animals and plants also appreciate the benefits of essences in their times of need.

How do I use an Essence?
First of all, shake the bottle well. When essences are taken internally, 10 drops are placed under the tongue, 3 times a day. Alternately, the essences can be used externally in an atomiser and sprayed on the body, in the air, or however you so choose. Essences are also beneficial in the bath. Simply add a few drops of your chosen essences and enjoy an all over body and soul experience.

How often can I use Essences?
Essences can be used as often as you feel the need. Should a situation be acute, it is best to use the essences more often instead of taking a larger dose.

What happens if I choose the wrong Essence, or take an essence I don't need?
Nothing. Essences can be seen as adaptogens, in as much as they only work where there is an imbalance. Should you take an essence you don't need, it simply wouldn't do anything.

Can I overdose on them?
No. Essences are non-toxic as there is no physically active constituent in an essence. Even the quantity of alcohol used to preserve the essence would be minimal if consumed in large quantities.

Can I take essences while I am on medication?
Yes. Essences are vibrational remedies that are often used in conjunction with other therapies. Medicines, herbs and other forms of healing work on the physical body's systems, whereas essences help us harmonise our thoughts and feelings. In this way, they complement other healing modalities beautifully, providing a more holistic sense of health and well-being.

How do I prepare a dosage bottle from a stock bottle?
Fill a 25ml amber glass bottle with 75% filtered water and 25% brandy. Shake the stock bottle and add 3 drops to the dosage bottle. Shake well before taking. If there is an alcohol sensitivity, less may be added and the remedy refrigerated, or apple cider vinegar may be used as a substitute.

What's the difference between using Essences externally, or taking them internally?
Using flower essences externally, as in an atomiser or a bath, will bring about a subtle shift in energy that will be felt in the moment, when the need presents itself.Taking flower essences internally is also known as flower therapy. This is a more wholesome way of using essences as it creates a shift in consciousness from within us, bringing a deeper awareness to the issues being addressed. Flower therapy stimulates an unfoldment, an opening up to seeing ourselves and the situations we find ourselves in, in a more positive light.

Can I take more than 1 flower remedy blend at a time?
This is a common question when people purchase a Gift Pack.
It is best to choose the remedy you feel you need most that addresses the underlying cause of your main imbalance and take that as directed, 3 times a day, or more often if needed.  If, for example, you've chosen De-Stress as your most needed remedy, but also want to take Strength at times, (stress would be the reason why one felt depleted of inner strength, so De-Stress would be the primary remedy) take your secondary remedy about 10 minutes after your primary remedy.  Being vibrational, flower remedies need space between them, which also applies to storing flower remedies.

Should you have any further questions about the use or application of flower essences, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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