Clivia - Custom Flower Remedy

Custom Blends

Those familiar with Flower Remedies can create their own formula with a Custom Blend by choosing up to six individual remedies from the Bach and Sacred Space Essentials range.

Sometimes a Herbalist or Naturopath will recommend a blend of Flower Remedies to complement other courses of treatment, but leave it to the client to source the remedy themselves. In this case, if any of the suggested essences are not in the list below, please contact me as I may have the essence you're looking for. If not, I can suggest another flower with similar properties that will cover the issues at hand.

I also encourage those not so familiar with Flower Remedies to trust their intuition and create their own blend if they feel drawn to a particular flower. 

I invite you to use the Search Box above to enter keywords as to how you are feeling, how you would like to feel, or any imbalances you are experiencing, to help make your search easier. If you would like assistance, feel free to contact us.

Custom Blends

Custom Blend Flower Remedy 25mlCustom Blend Flower Remedy 25mlCreate your own formula for yourself or your pet.
Custom Blend Flower Remedy SprayCustom Blend Flower Remedy SprayCreate your own formula for yourself or your pet.