Flower Remedies for Health and Well-Being

How are you feeling, and how would you like to feel?
Are you struggling in any aspect of your life, health, or sense of well-being?

Flower Remedies can help with whatever is challenging you at the moment. Flower Remedies (also known as Flower Essences) have been my passion for over 25 years, and have completely changed my life. They can change yours, too.

It is the nature of flowers to bloom and grow.  Similarly, in taking a Flower Remedy, we feel ourselves grow and overcome challenges, effortlessly.

Our formulas are created with Dr Bach's Flower Remedies and Sacred Space Essentials' Flower Essences. Individual remedies are available as well as combination blends.

Our Essential Blends are formulated for life's common issues, such as stress, depression, hormones and sleep.  Our Pet Health Blends assist our animal friends with their challenges, such as separation anxiety, sensitivity to sound and being alone.

A Personal Consultation is best for more specific or long-term issues, or where one wishes to grow some aspect of themselves.  There are very specific remedies to help us get so much more out of life.  Flower Remedies help us become more, to blossom.

Sacred Space Sprays are a convenient way to use Flower Remedies, and create a pleasant ambience used as a room spray.

To find the best remedy to suit your needs, enter keywords in the Search Box throughout our site.  If you know which Flower Remedies you'd like in a formula, but need it made, a Custom Blend allows you to create your own personalised Flower Remedy, in dosage or spray form.

Made from the flowers' early morning dew, they are completely safe, natural, effective, without unwanted side-effects, and can be used by the whole family. Being Vibrational Medicine, they flood our being with the uplifting and positive vibrations of the flowers, restoring a positive outlook and sense of health and well-being.

Holographic Kinetics, Advanced Aboriginal Dreamtime Healing using the Laws of Lore, is another service available to those in the Mid-North Coast area of New South Wales, Australia.  It's life-changing.

I invite you to enhance the life you live with these gentle, natural, forms of healing. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Practitioner and wholesale inquiries welcome.