Tranquillity for People Rescue Remedy Spray

Tranquillity for People Rescue Remedy Spray

Tranquillity for People Rescue Remedy Spray
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Tranquillity for People Rescue Remedy Spray brings about calmness, relaxation, peace and centeredness and is settling wherever there is anxiety, stress, tension, shock, pain or upset. 

Traditionally, flower remedies have been used to balance the person’s emotional state, but this blend also brings relief to physical pain and spasms, cramps, headaches, bites, burns, and other conditions that need ‘easing’. 

For those who worry, or find it hard to quieten the mind, Tranquillity brings mental calm and peace. 

It settles those who are emotionally upset or distressed, helps with sleep, assists with the pressure of meeting deadlines, and other issues relating to ‘time’. 

Perfectly safe for the whole family to use, Tranquillity is a unique blend of flower essences, including Dr Bach’s Rescue Remedy.  It can be taken internally by spraying under the tongue, or used externally as an aura or room spray.  Once you’ve tried it, you’ll wonder how you lived without it!

Tranquillity can be sprayed in the air above and around you, creating a mist that comforts as it enfolds you. If you're feeling restless in bed at night, spray your pillow and the air above you to help you relax and settle down to a good night's rest. Spray directly on areas of topical tension, eg muscle cramps, for relief. Add a couple of sprays to your bath for a calming and soothing soak. It's also a nice addition in an aromatherapy diffuser or an oil burner, bringing tranquillity to your Sacred Space.

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 2 reviews: 5.0
Restless legs no moreI heard this might help with my restless legs at night. Didn't expect it to do anything to be honest. Within a couple of minutes after spraying my legs they aren't moving around and then I can get to sleep. Written by Andrew on Sun 6 Jan 2019 1:34:58 AM GMT
Wow!I was visiting a friend and her new puppy was jumping all over me, trying to lick my face, and wanting affection. I sprayed over its body, and in a few minutes it settled down on the patio and slept at my feet. I left my bottle with Space Invader's mum. :) Written by Will on Mon 10 Dec 2018 2:48:53 AM GMT
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