Custom Blend Flower Remedy Spray

Custom Blend Flower Remedy Spray

Custom Blend Flower Remedy Spray
100ml Custom Blend Flower Remedy Spray
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Create your own Custom Blend Spray by choosing up to 6 individual Bach and Sacred Space Essentials Flower Remedies, and we will prepare your personalised Flower Remedy Spray for you.  

I encourage you to follow your intuition if you feel drawn to a particular flower or Flower Remedy. We often benefit from the vibrational medicine of flowers we're drawn to.

Should you have symptoms or a specific imbalance you’re looking to ease or correct, enter keywords in the Search Box to find remedies that address that issue.

It is best to address what may be underlying, what the original cause of the imbalance may be, for in treating the cause, the more effective the remedy will be, long-term.

If you would like assistance, please feel free to contact us.

After selecting the individual Flower Remedies for your blend, please include the name of the person, or pet, the spray is for. We also offer the Custom Blend Spray in two sizes - 100ml, and a handy 25ml travel size.

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