Strawberry Flower Remedy

Strawberry Flower Remedy

Strawberry Flower Remedy
25ml Strawberry Flower Remedy dosage bottle
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(Frugaria vesca)

For those with alterior motives, who try to deceive or mislead others through their words and actions, often displaying passive aggressive behaviour, Strawberry brings insight to the origins of such behaviour patterns and helps one to balance their masculine and feminine energies.

Often this flower remedy will show how one is hiding from themselves and from living their full potential.

As the masculine and feminine energies come into balance, it restores a healthy sense of self-worth with humble dignity.

Another aspect of Strawberry flower essence relates to our ability to draw on masculine energy when feeling overly emotional, and over-burdened.  The delicate petals of the Strawberry flower become easily saturated and water-laden, indicating the weakness one feels at the point of emotional saturation, unable to bear any more.

The Strawberry fruit that grows from the center of the flower reflects the quality of 'grit' needed through life's challenges, with the flower remedy imparting a sense of strength and capability through difficulties.

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