Water Lily Flower Remedy

Water Lily Flower Remedy

Water Lily Flower Remedy
25ml Water Lily Flower Remedy dosage bottle
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(Nymphaea odorata)

Water Lily Flower Remedy is for those who are body shy or have unhealthy concepts of their body image, particularly women.

It opens one up to seeing their physical beauty without vanity, but with acceptance that our physical body is something to love.

This remedy is often needed by those who have been physically violated, especially at a young age.  This can lead to an inability to show any part of one's anatomy particularly to those closest to them.

Beneficial for those with eating disorders, and where there is a repulsion of one's body in any way.

Water Lily reawakens appreciation of the beauty and softness of the female body, and enhances the energy of the divine feminine within.

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