Red Rose Flower Remedy

Red Rose Flower Remedy

Red Rose Flower Remedy
25ml Red Rose Flower Remedy dosage bottle
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Red Rose Flower Remedy is the essence of self-love, and relates to the many aspects of love.  It imparts a sense of feeling whole and complete, nurtured and nourished from within.  A great remedy for grief, for overcoming emotional pain and trauma, for restoring a wholesome feeling of self, it brings calmness, a sense of being safe, and knowing all is well in your world.  

In taking this essence, what isn't love will become clear, and like the thorns on the plant, those situations or relationships will feel prickly to you.  This essence brings discernment, knowing what and who is nurturing, or isn't.

Doing what you love, and being aware of what that is is also a characteristic of this flower essence.  

Red Rose is a great remedy for needy people, who feel they need others to complete them, or feel inadequate in some way. 

With this essence, one feels complete, self-contained, regenerated from any hurt or emotional pain, with a wisdom and knowing of what and who drains them, and where their heart lies not only in relationships, but life itself.

Red Rose flower essence is highly beneficial for those who have experienced domestic violence, abuse, or trauma in their relationships, as well as those who self-harm.

Loving yourself, and feeling loved, nurtured and complete is the vibration of this essence.

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