Aloe Flower Remedy

Aloe Flower Remedy

Aloe Flower Remedy
25ml Aloe Flower Remedy dosage bottle
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(Aloe vera)

Aloe Flower Remedy is beneficial for fiery, hot-headed people who need to 'keep their cool', as it calms and soothes hot tempers.

Wherever there is too much fire or heat in one's life, use Aloe. 

A beneficial remedy for people, pets and plants in hot weather, Aloe also assists with keeping core temperatures balanced.

It's ideal for those experiencing the hot flushes of menopause, and is found in our Hormone Harmony blend.

Where there has been intense trauma resulting in a tearing of the aura, Aloe helps to seal these holes to prevent energy leaks and energy invasions.

Just as the Aloe plant cools and soothes hot and inflamed conditions, the flower essence of Aloe assists with cooling the body, mind and emotions.

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