Marigold Flower Remedy

Marigold Flower Remedy

Marigold Flower Remedy
25ml Marigold Flower Remedy dosage bottle
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(Tagetes patula)

Marigold Flower Remedy is beneficial for those who are materialistic, often overly practical and logical, only believing in that which can be scientifically proven.

This reliance on the five senses alone shuts people down to being able, or willing, to understand others, hence they find their comforts in materialism.

Marigold helps to open one up to conceptual thinking.

It enhances one's ability to 'hear' on all levels, to be open to other possibilities, which breaks down the barriers these people tend to create in their relationships with others.

Marigold promotes intuitive understanding of the practical world with a receptivity to exploring beyond the physical and 'known' realms.

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