Heather Bach Flower Remedy

Heather Bach Flower Remedy

Heather Bach Flower Remedy
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(Calluna vulgaris)

Heather Bach Flower Remedy is beneficial for those who feel lonely in their own company. They seek out the company of others and tend to talk about themselves in great detail. Those needing Heather often use illness as a lifeline to make contact with others, in their fear of isolation and loneliness.

Children and animals also benefit from Heather Flower Remedy in their times of attention-seeking behaviour. A dog's way of seeking attention is to bark or misbehave. Those needing Heather have excess scattered energies.

Heather brings a calm, centered and grounded energy to the spirit. Energy that was scattered or spiralling out of control will settle almost instantly.  

One is able to enjoy their alone time without feeling lonely, and their sense of neediness dissipates. Heather brings inspiration to create and live an independent life.  

Heather is a key flower remedy in both our Tranquillity sprays, as well as the Home Alone remedy for Pets.

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