I can't say enough about the quality of Sacred Space Essentials products. Pure and simply an amazing experience! Linda is an expert in blending the perfect flowers. My dog and I love the way we're instantly uplifted, yet relaxed. These products are a beautiful and natural necessity!

Pet Health Remedies

Pet Health Remedies
Home Alone Pet Health Flower Remedy 25ml

Home Alone Pet Health Flower Remedy 25ml

Home Alone Pet Health Flower Remedy 25ml
25ml Home Alone Pet Health Flower Remedy dosage bottle
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This blend of flower remedies is specifically formulated for animals who are unhappy on their own for any length of time, who may act up while their owners are away but be the 'perfect pet' when they are receiving attention.

Our pets look to us for their stimulation and entertainment, unless they have the company of other animals. While we are not home, their emotional needs are not being met and they express this in their behaviour.

Often we may not be aware of our pet's behaviour in our absences, but if you are the caretaker of an animal who you know becomes distressed, try some Home Alone.

It's a wonderful remedy for barking dogs!

The flower remedies in this blend help our friends stay calm. It settles over-active energies.

Put 5-10 drops in the mouth twice to three times daily, and also add to your pet's water.

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