Tranquillity for Pets Flower Remedy Spray

Tranquillity for Pets Flower Remedy Spray

Tranquillity for Pets Flower Remedy Spray
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Our animal friends are highly sensitive creatures who also experience stressful and disturbing situations, and like us humans, this affects their mood and behaviour.

Tranquillity for Pets Flower Remedy Spray is a special blend of flower and gem essences which includes Dr Edward Bach's Rescue Remedy. It is designed to support our pets in the ever-changing world they live in, helping them cope with their personal traumas such as separation anxiety, living in confined spaces, and being left alone for long periods of time. It's an excellent remedy for yappy dogs and those who seek attention.

These essences bring calmness to the spirit, comfort to the lonely and the heavy-hearted, and help restore all those in the animal kingdom to their natural state of balance, harmony and 'being-ness'.

Tranquillity for Pets can be sprayed above and around any distressed or anxious anima. For animals that have been severely traumatised, it may be better to spray your hand and then stroke the animal, using as often as required until their sense of calmness returns. Add a couple of sprays to their water bowl and give it a stir.  All pets appreciate Tranquillity sprayed on their bedding to help them settle down, and it makes the world of difference to both you and your pet, when added to the water at bath time.

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