Pet Health 3 x 15ml Gift Pack

Pet Health 3 x 15ml Gift Pack

Pet Health 3 x 15ml Gift Pack
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Choose ANY THREE of our Pet Health Blends for your Gift Pack of Flower Therapy. 

Abuse Recovery - Dissolves painful memories, past traumas, and restores trust.

De-Stress - For those with high levels of anxiety and inner tension.

Heart Ease - Eases separation anxiety and emotional pain.

Home Alone - Helps our animal friends enjoy their own company.

Kennel Time - Helps pets adjust to being away from home and loved ones.

New Home - Helps pets adjust to new homes and environments.

Pet Rescue - Supports rescue animals through separation, displacement, trauma, and helps them adjust.

Show Time - Promotes a happy, calm and confident disposition.

Sound Sensitive - Helps pets stay calm in times of loud or sudden noises.

Training - Helps pets stay focused while learning new behaviour.

Travel - Helps animals feel comfortable with the motion of travelling.

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