Essential Blends 3 x 15ml Gift Pack

Essential Blends 3 x 15ml Gift Pack

Essential Blends 3 x 15ml Gift Pack
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Choose ANY THREE of our Essential Blends for your Gift Pack of Flower Therapy.

Beautiful Woman - Helps women blossom from within and reconnect to their Sacred Feminine essence.

Bliss - Returns one to a state of quiet inner bliss.

Child Birth - Calms mother and baby and eases the process of birthing.

Cleanse - Cleans the slate for a new beginning where there is any sense of 'dirtiness', violation or negativity.

Confidence - Promotes a healthy sense of self-worth and self-confidence.

Creativity - Inspires and enhances our natural creative abilities.

De-Stress - Assists in times of emotional, mental and physical stress, including shock.

Expression - Promotes clear and honest communication, with sensitivity.

Heart Ease - Helps to heal emotional pain and recover from the loss of a loved one.

Hormone Harmony - Assists in balancing hormones, alleviating the symptoms of PMS and menopause.

Intimacy - Rekindles true love and intimacy between couples.

Joy - Helps one to relax, lighten up and laugh.

Learn Easy - Helps to comprehend and retain learned information, and apply one's self to studies.

Motivation - Take purposeful, inspired action without procrastinating.

New Sibling - Fosters goodwill and co-operation between siblings, welcoming new family members.

Patience - Settles impatient and frustrated energies so one can enjoy the present, here and now.

Spiritual Growth - Promotes inner wisdom and guidance for those seeking to walk the path of the Spiritual Warrior.

Strength - Fosters courage, resilience and inner strength through challenging times.

Sweet Dreams - Promotes a restful, good night's sleep.

Transition - Assists in times of change, when adjusting to new conditions and environments.

Trauma Recovery - Eases the symptoms of trauma by neutralising shock and associated issues. 

Vitality - Assists in restoring and maintaining consistent energy levels.

Wellness - Enhances our sense of health and well-being, promotes self-healing.

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