Wellness Flower Remedy 25ml

Wellness Flower Remedy 25ml

Wellness Flower Remedy 25ml
25ml Wellness Flower Remedy dosage bottle
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It is perfectly natural for us all to enjoy good health and to feel alive and vibrant.

The flower remedies in Wellness enhance our resilience to stress and discordant energies both within and around us.

The body knows what it needs to do to return to good health - this blend simply reminds us of the vibration, the feeling of wellness.  Wellness gears the body towards self-healing.

As the body is reminded of the feeling of good health, the spirit is renewed.  In feeling healthier, we 'feel like ourselves' again.

A healthy mind and positive outlook is the beginning of creating and enjoying well-being, and Wellness helps us feel better on many levels.

Listen to your body's messages while taking this remedy as it will bring to your awareness what you need to be well. 

Take 10 drops under the tongue 3 times daily. May also be applied topically.

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