Cleanse Flower Remedy 25ml

Cleanse Flower Remedy 25ml

Cleanse Flower Remedy 25ml
25ml Cleanse Flower Remedy dosage bottle
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A remedy for cleansing any situation where there is a sense of 'dirtiness', uncleanliness or negativity.

Cleanse is used to clear rooms or spaces, crystals and even clothing, to neutralise any negativity and restore positive vibrations. It will also protect the energy that has been cleansed, providing a shield from any 'negative' external influences.

Taken internally, Cleanse will show you ways in which you have been 'imprisoned' by your beliefs. A good remedy after any invasion such as a house break-in, or the personal violation of rape. Cleanse will clean the slate for a new beginning.

This remedy is certainly worth considering if you spend any length of time in front of a computer, or exposed to high-voltage electrical or radiological devices.

Take 10 drops under the tongue 3 times daily. For cleansing crystals, add a few drops to the water. To cleanse a room, use our Cleanse Spray.

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