Beautiful Woman Flower Remedy 25ml

Beautiful Woman Flower Remedy 25ml

Beautiful Woman Flower Remedy 25ml
Beautiful Woman Flower Remedy 25ml
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The flower remedies in this blend help women to overcome their issues around self-image and beauty.  All of nature is beautiful in its own unique way.

This blend helps dissolve the negative perceptions so that the truth of our own true beauty can shine forth.  

Beautiful Woman helps balance issues associated with ageing, comparison to others, not feeling good enough, lack of self-acceptance, negative self-talk, verbal projections from others, as well as violation to the feminine essence.  This blend is beneficial for those with body-image issues.

With the assistance of Water Lily in the formula to help one truly connect with the Sacred Feminine, our Beautiful Woman blend will help you connect with your true essence of the beautiful woman you are.  Past mindsets and self-talk will be a thing of the past as this essence supports your true blossoming from within.  You'll feel softer, and notice your attitudes towards your body change as you embrace the essence of your femininity, feeling more beautiful and loving your body and your Self more.

Every woman is beautiful, and that includes You!

Take 10 drops under the tongue 3 times daily.  

If you have experienced traumatic abuse, please contact me for a Personal Consultation, as the issues associated with same are more complex than the remedies in this blend covers.  Together we can help you heal and blossom as you were born to do.

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