Relief Oil 100ml

Relief Oil 100ml

Relief Oil 100ml
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The healing power of flower remedies infused into organic Macadamia nut oil brings relief to pain, muscular cramps and tension, aches, nerve pain and joint stiffness almost instantly.  

Relief Oil has proven effective with fibromyalgia, frozen shoulder, arthritis, RSI (repetitive strain injury), carpel tunnel syndrome.  It relaxes ligaments around vertebrae so they can more easily align correctly, often without the need of physical manipulation.

Relief Oil need only be applied.  It does not need to be massaged in.  If someone massages the oil in for you, they will receive the relaxing benefits of the oil, too. 

Based on organic macadamia nut oil, it is light and silky on the skin and absorbs beautifully, without leaving any greasy residue.

So very relaxing that it just melts tension and pain away in a very short period of time.

It has been affectionately referred to as 'Miracle Oil' by those who have used it, as it really does seem a miracle that the effects are felt so quickly, and they last for hours.

I guarantee you'll love it!

(The last time I used Relief Oil, I wasn't sleeping well due to a cold, heavy feeling from my shoulder down to my hands.  I got up to take some paracetamol, but thought I'd try the oil first.  The pain had completely gone, and my arm felt completely relaxed before I had the lid back on the bottle, and it lasted 24 hours.  Amazing!)

Relief Oil
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