Mustard Bach Flower Remedy

Mustard Bach Flower Remedy

Mustard Bach Flower Remedy
10ml Stock Mustard Bach Flower Remedy25ml Dosage Mustard Bach Flower Remedy
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(Sinapis arvensis)

Mustard Bach Flower Remedy is beneficial for those who experience melancholy and gloom, or prone to manic depression, schizophrenia, often due to hormonal changes or chemical imbalances.  

The 'black cloud' of depression often seems to come suddenly, and not necessarily due to any specific incident.  Mustard Flower Remedy assists with depression that feels out of one's control.

In taking this remedy, the weight and darkness of the black cloud is eased and lifted.

Mustard restores emotional stability with an inner serenity that nothing can shake or destroy.  It is one of the key remedies in our Joy blend.

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