Beech Bach Flower Remedy

Beech Bach Flower Remedy

Beech Bach Flower Remedy
10ml Stock Beech Bach Flower Remedy25ml Dosage Beech Bach Flower Remedy
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(Fagus sylvatica)

For those who are critical, judgemental, intolerant of others and perfectionists by nature, Beech Flower Remedy helps to accept others and their differences without judgement or fault-finding, and helps them use their critical faculty in a positive way.

A great remedy to use when one is focused on the details of a situation and unable to relate to the bigger picture.

Beech Flower Remedy is beneficial for those on the autism spectrum who experience meltdowns.

Also beneficial for the hypersensitivity associated with PMS and pre-menstrual tension, and is found in our Hormone Harmony blend.

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