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#1: Cultivating the Deeper Self Flower Remedy 25ml#1: Cultivating the Deeper Self Flower Remedy 25mlAssists with overcoming internal blocks to writing.
#2: Writing from the Deeper Self Flower Remedy 25ml#2: Writing from the Deeper Self Flower Remedy 25mlAssists with creative expression in the writing process.
#3: Bringing Your Deep Writing to the World Flower Remedy 25ml#3: Bringing Your Deep Writing to the World Flower Remedy 25mlAssists with publicity and self-promotion.
Abuse Recovery Pet Health Flower Remedy 25mlAbuse Recovery Pet Health Flower Remedy 25mlDissolves painful memories, past traumas, and restores trust.
Agrimony Bach Flower RemedyAgrimony Bach Flower RemedyOpens the throat chakra for honest verbal expression.
Aloe Flower RemedyAloe Flower RemedyHas a cooling effect on hot, fiery tempers, and beneficial for hot flushes.
Aspen Bach Flower RemedyAspen Bach Flower RemedyFor those who tremble with fear of the unknown, often related to new experiences.
Aztec Lily Flower RemedyAztec Lily Flower RemedyStep out confidently in a new direction and claim personal power.
Basil Flower RemedyBasil Flower RemedyHarmonises emotional, sexual and spiritual energies for those with sexual imbalances.
Beautiful Woman Flower Remedy 25mlBeautiful Woman Flower Remedy 25mlHelps women blossom from within and reconnect to their Sacred Feminine essence.
Beech Bach Flower RemedyBeech Bach Flower RemedySee the whole picture instead of getting caught up on details.
Black Kangaroo Paw Flower RemedyBlack Kangaroo Paw Flower RemedyBrings light to dark thoughts and feelings towards others that can lead to obsession.
Bliss Flower Remedy 25mlBliss Flower Remedy 25mlReturns one to a state of quiet inner bliss.
Borage Flower RemedyBorage Flower RemedyRestores courage and optimism in times of adversity.
Bougainvillea Flower RemedyBougainvillea Flower RemedyRestores a sense of safety and protection when someone close has been abusive.
Calendula Flower RemedyCalendula Flower RemedyFosters warmth, kindness and sensitivity in communication.
California Poppy Flower RemedyCalifornia Poppy Flower RemedySeek guidance within, drink from your own cup of wisdom.
Cayenne Flower RemedyCayenne Flower RemedyBrings the spark back into life.
Centaury Bach Flower RemedyCentaury Bach Flower RemedyHelps those who compromise themselves for others say "No" and establish healthy boundaries.
Cerato Bach Flower RemedyCerato Bach Flower RemedyDiminishes self-doubt to enable confident decision-making.
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