Trauma Recovery Flower Remedy 25ml

Trauma Recovery Flower Remedy 25ml

Trauma Recovery Flower Remedy 25ml
25ml Trauma Recovery Flower Remedy dosage bottle
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This blend eases the symptoms of trauma by neutralising shock and associated issues.

Trauma and shocking experiences have a 'freezing' effect on the body on a cellular level.  When one is traumatised or in shock, normal function is not possible and energy tends to spiral inwards.  Time allows us to move on, but the effects of shock itself need to be cleared for the cells and psyche to be able to flow.  

This formula is beneficial for those with PTSD as it is created to neutralise the effects of shock on the emotional, mental, physical and psychological levels.  It brings mental calm, quietening the mind from persistent unwanted thoughts.  A sense of calmness is restored, alleviating feelings of terror, panic, or feeling out of control.  

For those who have been through 'shattering' experiences, this remedy brings wholeness, resilience and a sense of being able to cope.  

Trauma Recovery helps lift the black cloud of depression, doom and gloom.  It lightens the spirit, brings courage, optimism, and hope.

Those sensitive to sound will find this remedy helpful.  It provides a sense of protection from the impact the world can have on one's senses.

In clearing trauma, energy flows more freely and a sense of wholeness and well-being returns to body, mind, heart and soul.

Our Trauma Recovery spray is another great way to access the supportive energy of this remedy.

Take 10 drops under tongue 3 times daily, or more often if needed.

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