Spiritual Growth Flower Remedy 25ml

Spiritual Growth Flower Remedy 25ml

Spiritual Growth Flower Remedy 25ml
25ml Spiritual Growth Flower Remedy dosage bottle
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This remedy is formulated for the Spiritual Warrior within, those wishing to attune themselves to the wisdom and guidance of the higher self and Spirit, and walk their soul's true path.

It takes courage and a willingness to see beyond the ego's illusion to walk a path of truth.  The flower essences in this blend reveal our areas of self-deception that need healing, but also encourage and foster a sincere desire to take action where appropriate. 

The Sacred Heart gently unfolds and blossoms.

Perceptions and beliefs may change, and revelations are not uncommon, as the mind expands beyond its typical thought patterns to bring out the Sage within. 

This remedy is also beneficial for meditation, and learning new spiritual concepts.

If you are ready to be your authentic self, Spiritual Growth will guide you, working on deeper levels the longer it is taken.

Take 10 drops under the tongue 3 times daily.

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