Child Birth Flower Remedy 25ml

Child Birth Flower Remedy 25ml

Child Birth Flower Remedy 25ml
25ml Child Birth Flower Remedy dosage bottle
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The flower remedies in Child Birth encourage relaxation and prepare both the mother and baby for the journey ahead. With calmness of spirit, one is prepared for the birthing process.

For those who may have had previous difficult deliveries, Child Birth alleviates fears of pain and trauma. It also eliminates any shock during the actual separation of mother and baby.

This combination of remedies also promotes the motherly instinct in women who may not have received love in their early years.

It opens the heart to fully receive and nurture something truly special – a new life.

Take 10 drops under the tongue 3 times daily. Best taken at least a week prior to delivery.
For water births, add 15 drops to birthing water. Also beneficial added to an oil burner in the room.

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