Gorse Bach Flower Remedy

Gorse Bach Flower Remedy

Gorse Bach Flower Remedy
10ml Stock Gorse Bach Flower Remedy25ml Dosage Gorse Bach Flower Remedy
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(Ulex europaeus)

Gorse Bach Flower Remedy brings solace to those who feel a sense of hopelessness, often associated with deep grief and sense of loss, that has impacted the person on a soul level.

When grief is unable to be resolved early, or is experienced over a long period of time, it settles deeper into one's being and brings a heaviness to the solar plexus, the place where joy resides.  Those needing Gorse Flower Remedy are usually unable to experience joy as the burden within them is too great at the time.

Gorse assists in easing the pain in those who are feeling totally negative, despairing and in a state of hopeless depression, unable to see any light on the horizon.  

It lifts the weight from the soul and restores hope.  One is able to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Gorse teaches there are always choices that we don't always see, and switches on the light so we can.

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