Centaury Bach Flower Remedy

Centaury Bach Flower Remedy

Centaury Bach Flower Remedy
10ml Stock Centaury Bach Flower Remedy25ml Dosage Centaury Bach Flower Remedy
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(Centaurium erythraea)

For those who are weak-willed, willing slaves easily dominated by others, often unable to say "No" because of a desire to please or belong, Centaury Flower Remedy helps us act on our own needs, teaching self-responsibility and assertion through appropriate action.

Centaury is a relationship dynamic remedy and is beneficial for those who martyr and compromise themselves, their needs and their wants.  Mothers are often compromising their own needs for the wellbeing of others in the family unit.  Centaury Flower Remedy helps one to establish healthy boundaries.

It teaches us to take care of ourselves first, for how can the tap give water if the tank is empty?

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