I can't say enough about the quality of Sacred Space Essentials products. Pure and simply an amazing experience! Linda is an expert in blending the perfect flowers. My dog and I love the way we're instantly uplifted, yet relaxed. These products are a beautiful and natural necessity!

Pet Health Remedies

Pet Health Remedies
Trauma Recovery Flower Remedy Spray

Trauma Recovery Flower Remedy Spray

Trauma Recovery Flower Remedy Spray
100ml Trauma Recovery Flower Remedy Spray
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The essences in our Trauma Recovery Flower Remedy Spray help clear shock, and ease the symptoms of trauma.

It brings calmness in times of stress and anxiety, assists with panic attacks and helps clear troubling memories.  

It lightens the spirit for those prone to episodes of darkness or depression, restores a sense of wholeness after 'shattering' experiences, and helps one feel more able to cope.

As symptoms of shock clear, ones energy becomes more relaxed and at ease, enabling one to function better.

I used this spray to help me ground, feel 'whole' and less fragmented after seizures, and recovered a lot quicker.

This spray can be taken internallly, by spraying under the tongue, as well as using as a Face and Body spray.  

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