I can't say enough about the quality of Sacred Space Essentials products. Pure and simply an amazing experience! Linda is an expert in blending the perfect flowers. My dog and I love the way we're instantly uplifted, yet relaxed. These products are a beautiful and natural necessity!

Pet Health Remedies

Pet Health Remedies
Yarrow Flower Remedy

Yarrow Flower Remedy

Yarrow Flower Remedy
25ml Yarrow Flower Remedy dosage bottle
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(Achillea millefolium)

Yarrow Flower Remedy is beneficial for those who easily absorb the negative outside influences of others, particularly from their environment and environmental stresses such as EMF's (electro-magnetic frequencies).

Such stresses and invasion of the auric field may cause environmental sensitivities and psychic toxicity.

Yarrow strengthens the meridians and the aura, creating a psychic shield.

As a herb, Yarrow is used to stop bleeding.  Consequently, the flower remedy of Yarrow prevents one's energies 'bleeding' into their environment.

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