I can't say enough about the quality of Sacred Space Essentials products. Pure and simply an amazing experience! Linda is an expert in blending the perfect flowers. My dog and I love the way we're instantly uplifted, yet relaxed. These products are a beautiful and natural necessity!

Pet Health Remedies

Pet Health Remedies
Dill Flower Remedy

Dill Flower Remedy

Dill Flower Remedy
25ml Dill Flower Remedy dosage bottle
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(Anethum graveolens)

Dill Flower Remedy is for sensitive people who feel overwhelmed and stressed by the constant stimulation in their environment.

It is helpful for those who experience sensory overload, and are startled by sudden harsh or shrill sounds, such as fireworks and thunderstorms.

Dill creates a soft buffer zone so one can comfortably relax in their environment.

A good remedy for people and animals who are sensitive to loud noises, Dill is also beneficial for those on the autism spectrum.

Dill Flower Remedy is in our Sound Sensitive blend.

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