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Pet Health Remedies

Pet Health Remedies
Crab Apple Bach Flower Remedy

Crab Apple Bach Flower Remedy

Crab Apple Bach Flower Remedy
10ml Stock Crab Apple Bach Flower Remedy25ml Dosage Crab Apple Bach Flower Remedy
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(Malus sylvestris)

For those who feel dirty or unclean, or disgusted with some aspect of themselves, Crab Apple Bach Flower Remedy is an emotional cleanser that helps clean the slate for a fresh start.

Crab Apple is a very beneficial remedy for those who have been sexually violated as it cleans any sense of 'dirtiness'.  This is also appropriate when one's personal space has been invaded, such as in a home burglary, as it balances the energies of violation and restores equilibrium.

Whenever energies need to be shifted, cleared and cleansed, think Crab Apple.  It is one of the key remedies in our Cleanse blend.

Taken over a longer term, Crab Apple brings hidden things to light.  

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